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Maxim Industries Ltd is a UK based organisation who provide global sourcing and supply chain management solutions to industry.

From their offices and warehousing facility in the North West of England. Maxim help manufacturers in the UK, Europe and North America to remain competitive in an increasingly globalised world.

Maxim use their established network of highly vetted factories to source components and sub-assemblies at world prices, helping manufacturers to control costs. Of course it’s not just all about price, quality must be maintained and delivery schedules adhered to.

The world price – local service ethos is endemic Maxim wide from their administrator and warehouse staff up to their CEO. Virtually any business can realise cost savings from an overseas sourcing initiative, be it from China, Eastern Europe or the BRIC countries. However, developing world manufacturing relationships that ensure consistent quality and reliability of supply is not always so simple.

Maxim have spent more than a decade developing an enviable network of highly vetted and inspected world manufacturing partners. The UK office houses a team of highly qualified and experienced purchasing, logistics, technical and quality experts and they have a reputation for quality and service.

Through their established network Maxim Global can source virtually any component for almost any market sector. Traditionally Maxim have supplied: machined components, die castings, forgings and mouldings to a number of key sectors including: industrial batteries, electrical switchgear and healthcare. As Maxim’s network has grown over the last decade the number of markets they are able to service has increased significantly.

Full ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and formalised quality procedures, at the UK office, are complemented by teams of Maxim employed engineers on the ground in host countries, including Maxim’s office in Ningbo Eastern China.

Maxim’s team and wealth of experience in sourcing, logistics and manufacturing enable them to provide businesses like yours with a local service at a world price. Not just a sourcing service but a complete end to end supply chain management solution.

Businesses across Europe, UK and North America are currently enjoying the benefits of:

  • Just-in-Time through UK stock holding
  • Improved cash flow
  • Real targeted cost savings
  • Reduced risk
  • Maintained and enhanced quality

Maxim have set themselves the challenge of making world procurement as risk free as buying a tin of beans from your local corner shop. Fill out the global challenge form to discuss your bespoke component and sub assembly requirements.

Maxim Sectors

Maxim are currently servicing a number of industrial sectors with their component requirements which include:

  • Building and Construction
  • Industrial Batteries
  • Electrical Swtichgear
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial Heating
  • Waste Management