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Fencing Products

Maxim Industries Ltd have built an enviable reputation as one of the leading suppliers of fasteners and fittings into the UK fencing market. Utilising a well-established supply chain, Maxim supply a wide range of varying fencing products; combining competitive prices in line with the quality that you would associate with an ISO 9001 approved company. Supplying a comprehensive range of both standard and bespoke, non-standard fencing products unique to the customers’ requirements. Maxim Industries are able to tailor a supply package that offers the customer a single source solution for all of their fastener and gate fitting requirements.

Our range of fencing products includes:

Palisade Fencing Products:

Maxim Industries supply a comprehensive range of fasteners and fittings designed specifically to be used in conjunction with steel palisade fencing. The range includes saddle bolts, T bolts, shear nuts, fish plates, corner fish plates and support legs. All manufactured in accordance with our tight quality procedures and available to purchase in both bulk and pre-packed variants.Maxim offers a total supply solution for all of your palisade fencing fastener and fittings requirements.

Mesh Fencing Products:

Supplying a range of security screws, clips and full length clamping bars/channels, Maxim offer customers a complete supply package for all of their mesh fencing fasteners and fittings requirements.

Railing Fittings:

Supplied in both bulk and pre-packaged variants, Maxim Industries supply a large range of fasteners and fittings designed to be used in conjunction with the assembly of steel railings. This range includes both angle cleats and support legs, as well as the cup square bolts and shear nuts that hold the fence together.

Gate Fittings:

Maxim's ever increasing range of gate fittings includes a comprehensive range of both standard and non-standard products. Standard gate fittings supplied include items, such as adjustable gate eyes, gate hooks to weld and gate eyes to weld. The non-standard gate fittings parts supplied, which are often manufactured bespoke to the customers’ requirements include, slide latches, drop bolts, gate latch receivers and slide latch housings among others.

Chainlink/Weldmesh Fittings:

The ever popular range of wire fence fittings supplied by Maxim includes ferrule winders, angle cleats, stretcher bars and loop nuts.

Security Products:

In addition to the range of fasteners and fittings supplied into the fencing industry, Maxim also offer a selection of security products, which are designed to add additional security benefits to the customer’s fence line/property. This range includes, cranked brackets designed to carry razor wire and barbed wire, the razor wire itself, barbed wire, castle spikes and wall spikes.

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