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Global Challenge

Global sourcing initiatives allow almost any business to realise significant cost savings. But a number of potential pitfalls from quality issues to language barriers can all conspire to erode the advantage gained. Of course things can go wrong with a local supplier too but it’s much harder to solve when your 6000 miles away.

Over the last decade Maxim have been removing the risk from global sourcing by providing a world price and being one point of contact managing all elements of the supply chain. Maxim service a number of key sectors in industry with their component requirements and the challenge is to be able to do so for any industrial sector operating in the UK, Europe and North America.


Maxim enable electrical connectors manufacturer to maintain market share and gain competitive advantage...

  • Targeted cost saving
  • Inventory reduced
  • Improved cash flow

Working according to an agreed project plan Maxim were able to supply and service the ongoing requirement for products previously manufactured in house.

Maxim used their network of vetted world partners to source machined components, forgings, plastic mouldings and castings. Maxim then developed these into sub assemblies used by the UK manufacturer.

Working in partnership with in-house purchasing, quality, technical and logistics teams Maxim provided a bespoke supply chain management solution that resulted in real gains in competitive advantage. 

Maxim Sectors

Building & Construction
Industrial Batteries
Electrical switchgear
Industrial Heating
Waste Management