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Market forces are making the business world increasingly flat. For most companies international procurement is now a key cost reduction strategy. Sourcing from around the world allows you to exploit global efficiencies and gain a real competitive advantage. The benefits of successful global sourcing are obvious; right product, right time, right price. Maxim clients enjoy additional benefits not provided by many international procurement organisations. Maxim are much more than an IPO and provide a full end to end component sourcing and supply chain management solution.

Some businesses go it alone and are successful but unfortunately just as many businesses are not. A transnational procurement initiative gone wrong can actually result in disgruntled staff, dissatisfied customers and increased costs! Get it right and a global sourcing project results in increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs, increased turnover and improved gross margin.

Language barriers, cultural differences, customs, exchange rates and shipping issues can all conspire against you. The required level of different skill sets, technology and experience are often prohibitive for the smaller business. Sometimes cash flow and pressures on working capital are the issue. As much more than an IPO, Maxim offer a range of solutions that allow even the smaller business to benefit from a global procurement strategy. Dedicated UK stock holding and credit terms all allow cash to stay in your business as long as possible whilst benefiting from economies of scale.

For the larger manufacturer the potential for problems comes from a different source. In some cases the sheer size of an organisation becomes a disadvantage. Large manufacturers often have numerous stakeholders with interest in purchasing. Purchasing managers, transport managers, product managers and FDs all have their role and views on purchasing. By outsourcing your overseas procurement to an IPO who work with Purchasing Managers to provide a holistic solution you remove this problem.

Each department has the same ultimate goal but very often each department will be working towards different KPIs. The lack of one person with an overarching view often results in difficulties through break downs in communication. Sophisticated enterprise resource planning software goes someway to mitigating this risk. 

By partnering with Maxim you gain one highly cohesive team of global sourcing specialists, all working towards just one KPI getting you the right quality at the right price on time. The Maxim team have over a decade of experience:

  • Negotiating with different cultures
  • Inspecting factories
  • Establishing product testing
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Reducing Inventory
  • Currency hedging
  • Managing shipping agents

Consequently Maxim are able to help large and medium sized manufacturers across Britain, Europe and North America realise:

  • Targeted cost savings through reduced component price
  • Reduced warehousing costs through dedicated UK stockholding
  • Improved cash flow
  • Maintained and enhanced quality
  • Quicker lead times

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