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Maxim use a range of capabilities and expertise, built up over a decade, to understand the very different business and technical challenges of particular market sectors. The continual development of knowledge into different market sectors enables maxim to help manufacturers realise sustained improvements in commercial performance.

Maxim have spent over a decade getting under the skin of a wide range of markets to understand your business world and have developed global sourcing partnerships that allow you to mitigate risk and reduce costs.

Maxim have a wealth of experience in a wide range of market sectors and industrial applications including: building and construction, industrial batteries, electrical switchgear, healthcare, industrial heating, hardware, door furniture, brewery hardware and waste management.

Having understood and analysed the specific technical challenges of a particular market sector, Maxim then select the most appropriate manufacturing partner to provide the required component or sub assembly.

In the unlikely event that Maxim don’t have an existing factory that can service your market requirements they will find, inspect and develop one.

To discuss your particular market and product requirements complete the global challenge form or simply give Maxim a call.

Maxim Sectors

Building & Construction
Industrial Batteries
Electrical switchgear
Industrial Heating
Waste Management