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Working with our clients Maxim has established a global supply chain network which accommodates their procurement requirements.

Providing various manufacturing processes Maxim has developed into a multi component supplier servicing various market sectors, enabling their clients to concentrate on core business activities.

Maxim can provide detailed quotations against the following products which incorporates supply solutions tailor made to meet client’s needs.

Machine Components

Quality turned parts and machined components in brass, steel, copper and aluminium.

Zinc Die Casting

Zinc Die Casting for high precision and lowest material and component costs.


Available in aluminium, copper, brass or variants of all three.


We manufacture a wide range of injection moulding in various materials including ABS and Nylon.


Bespoke Castors manufactured to customer applications and specifications.


Increasingly we are required to supply sub-assemblies or parts with additional operations for multiple part assembly.


Please contact us direct if you require quotations against any of these product ranges or require any further details concerning the products that we supply.

Telephone – 01204 478030


Maxim Sectors

Building & Construction
Industrial Batteries
Electrical switchgear
Industrial Heating
Waste Management