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Quality relies on the commitment of a company's people and is at the core of everything Maxim do. Maxim’s quality management system satisfies the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and covers all activities, across all departments, carried out by the business. From the CEO to the quality engineer, from the account managers to the warehouse staff; quality has complete employee involvement and focus on the customer.

Through its integrated quality system Maxim our able to continually meet and exceed the expectations of customers. Customer satisfaction is the key indicator for quality of service. A quality service stems from quality people and all Maxim staff are highly trained, skilled, qualified and experienced.

Overall responsibility for Quality lies with the quality and systems manager who ensures that all new manufacturing partners are evaluated and existing approved manufacturing partners are re-evaluated. These processes and procedures ensure that all Maxim’s world manufacturing partners continue to have the capability to meet customer requirements. New and first orders are manufactured subject to full sample approval.

Samples, production quantities and machined components are all inspected by quality engineers. The status of calibration and measuring test equipment is regularly checked and maintained.

Consistent attention to detail extends from the quality engineers to the warehouse staff who check goods received against both delivery note and purchase order. Components, parts and sub-assemblies are checked prior to dispatch.

Detailed process led procedures exist across all departments including account managers and finance staff. This allows Maxim to deliver the right product, to the right specification at the right time to manufacturers across Europe and North America.

“In response to your call I would just like to say thank you for your brilliant service. We were very impressed with the speed of delivery to us and also to our customers.”

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